How To Drink Water Correctly, These Are The Techniques

How To Drink Water Correctly:- Friends, when we are born, our body contains 75% water. But with this growing age, water starts reducing. After being senior, the average amount of water in the body of a common man is 60%, while the body of women is made up of 55% water.

Where is this water that is in our body?

There’s water in our kidneys, liver, belly, bladder, and bones. Our heart and mind are about 75% of water. And about 83% of our lungs ‘ water stored. But most of the water is present in our cells throughout our body. You will be surprised to find out that there is also 31 percent of water on our bones which look completely dry. This way, all the organs in our bodies need water in order to perform their job correctly. And that’s why a person lived without food for long but couldn’t stay without water for one day. 

How To Drink Water Correctly

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Water is so necessary for our body that the rules related to it must be followed. Because drinking water is the right time and the amount of drinking water is good and bad for our bodies.

How much water should we drink daily? How should we drink water? At what time should we drink water and what kind of water should we drink?

We must know all these things. If we neglect any of the rule related to water. Then this will greatly damage our body. Pain in joints, constipation, migraine, skin stains and pimples, hair loss, persistent stomachache, and intestinal problems, staying in the right direction of food, weakness in the body and staying lazy, do not sleep well at night. There are more than 40 diseases related to kidney diseases, skin dryness, and wrinkles, gas, uric acid, obesity and weakness in the body’s veins caused by these mistakes.

How To Drink Water Correctly

Always drink water slowly as you drink tea and coffee. Keep it in your mouth for a while while while drinking water and then drink it. This is the best way to drink water. Those with this kind of habits never have any illness in their body, because the mouth’s salivary also goes into your stomach with water.

How To Drink Water Correctly

Do not drink water very quickly and do not drink a lot of water at one go. Because our body has the ability to save 200 to 250ml water at a time. So drink a glass of water every 40 minutes to the 1-hour interval and drink it in a glass or bottle.

Don’t drink standing and running position because water enters the body faster in order to carry too many gases with it. That is why it can cause stress and pressure in the body’s internal organs. The efficiencies of the same water are affected by drinking water slowly and quickly in a standing position.

Drink water slowly

The pH level of our body remains controlled by slow drinking. Relaxes acids of the stomach. The mouth saliva and the water also reach the body. This is not all. And we are well digested and fat in the stomach doesn’t accumulate. On the other hand, drinking water swiftly or standing has an effect on our body’s internal organs and nerves, increasing the amount of gas in the organism and causing pain in the joints. 

Never drink cold or icy water

Do not drink too much cold water or ice water in a fridge regardless of how much heat happens. Drink normal or only normal water, always. 

Many people believe that the cold water in the fridge cools our body. Rather it is not so. When the icy water goes into our body, it is cold in the beginning, but it gets very hot in a little while, which means heating instead of cooling our body. Drinking cold water has very little benefits. People who always drink cold water do not digest well with water in their body. Also, problems like pain, indigestion, and constipation in the head may be due to drinking cold water. Therefore, instead of drinking cold water, drink only normal water or drink hot.

How To Drink Water Correctly

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Drinking warm water in the cold and rainy season gives our body many benefits. Because drinking warm water quickly digests food. And especially those who have pain in constipation or joints, they should always drink hot water only. Drinking hot water is very beneficial in the problem of cold and sinus. But people who have acidity or high blood pressure are not supposed to consume hot water.

How much water is consumed

The amount of water drinkable all day long depends on the size, physical activity, weather and body of each person. Our water moves constantly by urination, stool, and sweat every day. As well as in the process of speaking and breathing, the water of the body keeps coming out as steam. In this way, we remove 2 to 3 liters of water out of our body every day. Therefore, it is generally recommended to drink 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water a day. And women should drink 2 to 3 liters of water.

How To Drink Water Correctly

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When you exercise every morning or evening, the amount of water in this situation should be slightly larger. And in particular, a little more than the amount described should be taken in the summer. Too much is good for our health, but our kidneys may suffer from excess water. Whether you are drinking the correct amount of water throughout the day or not, it can be recognized by the color of Urine. If the color of your urine is yellow, then it is a sign that your body is dehydrated and you need to drink water. If your urine color is as clear as water. Then it shows that your body is completely hydrated.

When we should drink water and when not

When we should not drink water, is more important than when to drink water. Because drinking water at the wrong time has a dangerous effect on our body. To take full advantage of all the nutritious ingredients obtained from water, start your day with water instead of tea or coffee. Whether it is thirsty or not, drink one glass or two or about 500ml of water daily in the morning. It cleans our stomach and intestines.

How To Drink Water Correctly

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The taste of hunger is reported to be more important in Ayurveda than sleep. Due to the fact that our body is present with our saliva in the morning. And have a good effect on our health. A glass contains about 250ml of water, and in this way to drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water throughout the day, follow this method:- empty stomach two glasses in the morning ie 500ml, a glass of water after half an hour of snacks, a glass of water 40 minutes before eating and a glass of water 40 minutes after eating, drink two glasses of water in the evening at 1 hour interval and one glass of water 40 minutes before dinner and 40 minutes later.

Apart from this, if you work out daily in a gym or walk out in your job. If you go and do physical work. Then while doing work take half glass in the middle of it. Drink almost two glasses of water.

Never drink water immediately after eating food

Because the food becomes more liquid and does not digest properly. The digestive juices digest the food present in the stomach with its heat. Just like the way we cook raw food by heating it. Drinking water immediately after eating does not digest food properly and the gas starts to grow.

How To Drink Water Correctly

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If you have a job to sit throughout the day, the gas generated by drinking water can also be deposited in other parts of our body immediately after eating food. Therefore, there is the problem of pain in the stomach, head and joints over time. Acidity is the biggest problem due to food failure to digest. And those who constantly drink water with food have to deal with stomach upset and acidity for a long time. 

If the food is not properly digested, then it can increase cholesterol in the body. It also increases the amount of uric acid in the body. Therefore, do not drink water immediately after eating. Drink water only after one hour or 40 minutes of eating. If you eat too much dry food then 2 to 3 knots of water can be drunk immediately after eating food. But even if you feel to drink more water then buttermilk, lemonade or seasonal fruit juice can be drunk in the place of water. Along with this, milk can be drunk in place of water after dinner.

Always drink water before urinating

Whenever you drink water empty stomach in the morning, always drink it before urinating. And in the same way, do not drink the water immediately after urinating. Because at the time of urinating, the internal organs of our body shrink rapidly and in such a situation, drinking water immediately can cause pain inside and weaken our cells. More frequantly we drink water, urination begins to occur again and again.

Do not drink cold water immediately after hot things like tea or coffee, because doing so can damage our throats and tonsils. Just like cold-pressed fruits, citrus fruit, the juice is already consumed in excess quantity. Avoid drinking water immediately after eating these fruits. Because this can increase the chances of cold cough and stomach increased significantly.

Here I explained How To Drink Water Correctly

It sounds a bit more to hear so many things related to drinking water. But believe that all these rules are so simple that if you follow your rules for only one week, then gradually you will get used to these methods. And after that without taking care, you will start doing everything according to the rules.

Thank you.

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