Benefits And Side Effects Of Neem

Benefits And Side Effects Of Neem- Indian Margosa tree or the Neem Tree can be easily found in many places in India. The biological name of Neem is Azadirachta Indica, which means the free tree of India. Neem Tree has lots of healing powers for most of the diseases like skin disease, heart disease, stomach disease and many more. Each and every Part of Neem Tree weather is stem extracts, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, seed oil, neem fruit, etc. has its own importance in the Science of Ayurveda. Every part has its own treatment specialty. Neem Products are also used as a major ingredient in the daily used products like oral care, skin related products, allopathic medicines and many more to reduce harmful effects of that product.

Benefits And Side Effects Of Neem
Benefits And Side Effects Of Neem

Neem contains a variety of antivirals, antifungals and anthelmintics. With alcohol diluted, ethyl acetate, petrol ether and ether, neem oils may be extracted. There is also amorphous sulfur in it. Neem has antibacterial properties, so it tastes very bitter. It is also a natural insecticide. Neem urea is now used as a replacement for plain urea.

Benefits of neem

Neem contains antibacterial properties
Neem leaves contain not only antibacterial properties, but also antiviral and antifungal. The characteristics are so high that it can also controll pathogens in manure. In most places people chew neem sticks usually to encourage oral health and keep the teeth free from plaque and cavities because neem stick contains microbial effects. Neem will also control foodborne and spoilage organisms.

Control diabetes

According to studies, the Neem plant has hypoglycaemic or blood sugar reduction properties. Neem therefore helps to control blood sugar levels and is ideal for diabetic patients. Certain diseases can also be delayed and prevented. It also helps to prevent oxidative stress caused by diabetes. Anti-diabetic properties in neem oil or neem extracts make a healthy body useful.

Increases immunity

Neem not only kills harmful infectious organisms but also to increase the ability of the body to fight all manner of infections on various levels. Neem helps the body to respond to infections more quickly by boosting its first defense line. Crush the neem leaves and eat them to increase your immunity with a glass of water.

Say no to blackheads

Take 2–3 drops of neem oil, dilute and apply it to your blackheads with water. Apply this to the blackheads regularly to avoid their return.

Wound healer

Make a paste out of the neem leaves and dab it a few times a day until your wounds or bites heals.

Some other benefits

Neem protects your skin and fights skin disease. Oil of Neem contains a large number of carotenes and antioxidants that protect the skin against the skin radicals like wrinkles and aging spots.

Neem contains a very effective component of gedunin against malaria and mosquitoes. If we put a drop of Neem oil or a few leaves in the stored water, it would never lay mosquito eggs.

In chicken pox it’s very helpful. It protects against chickenpox spreading between the patient’s area or city.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Neem

Although Neem has strong healing properties, it may also have certain side effects. Infants do not eat Neem because it contains certain substances that are known to cause Reye ‘s infant syndrome. They can even be fatal with a small dose. It can also cause allergies, stomach irritation and infertility in women. And may also lead to kidney damage if overtaken and fatigue increases. It is advisable not to use Neem in people with already low blood pressure.

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